Corporate Culture

  • One concept: innovation & change

    One concept: innovation & change

    Innovation of mechanism, institution, technology, management, and culture

  • Two goals: equip China, equip the world

    Two goals: equip China, equip the world

    Helping the development of Chinese power and energy cause
    Delivering advanced Chinese power technology to the world

  • Three-point mission

    Three-point mission

    Satisfaction for customers: honesty at heart, respect to customers
    Assurance for employees: horses for courses, trust in employees
    Confidence for shareholders: outstanding performance, attraction to shareholders

  • Four-point spirit

    Four-point spirit

    Ability to endure: pioneering, progressive and enterprising
    Capability to fight: unity, cooperation and courage
    Willingness to contribute: diligence and excellence
    Eagerness to learn: transcendence and innovation

  •  Five-point world outlook

    Five-point world outlook

    Honesty is the basis: honesty is the cornerstone of TBEA – the culture of mountain
    Change is the way: innovation and change lead to the development of TBEA – the culture of water
    Health leads to growth: health is TBEA’s centennial dream – the culture of tree
    Simplicity leads to understanding: simplicity is TBEA’s way of action – the culture of light
    Harmony leads to prosperity: harmony and solidarity between employees and employer ensures TBEA’s prosperity.

  • 11 rules of corporate management

    11 rules of corporate management

    1. Employees shall be honest and passionate with dreams, cooperative and responsible, and observe the law and honor their words,
    2. Keep studying and innovating and become an outstanding and prestigious green energy service provider,
    3. Stay committed to surpassing competitors, go all out to develop the best products and provide the best services and solutions to meet customer needs,
    4. Overcome difficulties in an uncompromising and unyielding spirit,
    5. Employer shall respect and motivate employees and create a high-performance team,
    6. Insist on the ability of value creation as the key standard of personnel selection, reward and punishment,
    7. High-efficiency and high-quality work is only possible with scientific survey and full communication,
    8. A clear-cut plan, measurable goal, strict evaluation standard, and accurate and timely inspection, feedback, reward and punishment mechanism shall be in place for all work,
    9. Frequent problems shall be solved through system and procedures with definite responsibility, right and interest,
    10. Mismanagement is the root of all problems, for which managers shall unconditionally take responsibilities,
    11. The root cause for any problem can only be found after asking five questions.