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1Solution for Integrated User Microgrid System

It is intended to provide an integrated microgrid solution of clean energy utilization for specific single user by applying the photovoltaic power generation and storage technology.

2Solution for Intelligent Micro-grid of Commercial Real Estate

It is intended to provide integrated solutions of clean energy utilization mainly for commercial buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, airports, stations, hospitals, science and technology museums, museums, gymnasiums and other large buildings.

3Solution for New Energy Internet in Park Areas

It is mainly intended to provide science and technology parks and industrial parks with green energy solutions, and build a park-specific energy internet by making comprehensive utilization of distributed PV power generation, distributed wind power generation, CCHP, low-grade heating energy as well as smart microgrid technology according to the industrial characteristics, available energy resources, energy demand and energy operation plan of various parks.

4Solution for Green Data Center Energy Network

It is mainly intended to provide for traditional high-energy data centers with integrated solutions of clean energy utilization by integrating various energy supply and energy storage technologies.

5Green Sea Island or Isolated Island Intelligent Micro-grid

It is mainly intended to meet the electricity demands for production and living in isolated islands and remote areas without electricity access.

6Solution for Regional Energy Internet

It is mainly intended to provide for small and medium-sized cities and development zones in cities a comprehensive regional energy internet solution to realize high utilization of distributed clean energy and renewable energy.

7Microgrid-Based Integrated Solar-Energy Storage EV Charging Station

It is intended  to realize high proportion of accessing and consumption of new energy in the charging/battery swap station by applying the microgrid technology and improve the new energy utilization level of charging infrastructures. It uses the V2G technology to provide auxiliary services for the power grid and optimize the operation of power grid in order to build a microgrid-based EV charging/battery swap station