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TBEA 49.5MW project of Jeminay wind farm Phase I

Project name: 49.5MW project of Jeminay wind farm Phase I

Progress: under construction

Time of construction commencement: October 10, 2013

Location: northeast ofBarkolCounty, Kumul, Xinjiang

Project profile: located in the northeast ofJeminayCounty, Altay in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the 49.5MW project of Jeminay wind farm Phase I undertaken by TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. is about54kmfromJeminayCounty,170kmfrom Altay by road and630kmfromUrumqiby road. The project site is quite flat with simple basement structure, and boasts convenient transportation for its vicinity to the 319 provincial highway. As a new project, it is located in the planned area for 1000MW-class wind power foundations in the wind zone of Irtysh River valley in Xinjiang. So far all 25 foundations are completed and the lifting work is expected to be completed in early August 2014, while the booster station is also in fast progress with 60% of the work already completed. This wind farm will produce 175824MWh electricity and feed 116627MWh electricity to the grid every year, with equivalent full-load operation of 2356.1 hours and capacity factor of 0.2690.

To rationally utilize energy and resources, the project applies the green wind power and adopts advanced and feasible measures in the design to save power, water and raw materials. With all design indicators reaching the advanced level inChina, the wind farm ensures long-term economic and efficient operation, and complies with the national industrial policy and the sustainable development strategy for its advantages in energy and water conservation and environmental protection.