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49.5MW project of Laojunmiao wind farm Phase I in Mulei


Project name: TBEA 49.5MW project of Laojunmiao wind farm Phase I in Mulei

Progress: to start construction soon

Time of construction commencement: July 15, 2014

Location:MuleiCounty, Xinjiang

Project profile: with the capacity of 100MW, the TBEA Laojunmiao wind farm in Mulei will be built in two phases with 49.5MW built in Phase I. While Phase I has a construction schedule of one year and will produce electricity at the end of 2013, Phase II is planned to start construction at the beginning of 2014 and produce electricity at the end of the same year. Located in the planned wind zone of Laojunmiao, Mulei County, the TBEA Laojunmiao wind farm Phase I is about99kmfrom Mulei County, where the Mulei meteorological station is located99kmin the southwest from the center of the project site at an elevation of 980-1020 meters. As the wind farm boasts convenient transportation, wind turbines can be delivered to the site by road. Comprised of 33×1500kw wind turbines, the project has a total installed capacity of 49.5MW, and the auxiliary works include a 110kV booster station, 33 wind turbine foundations and box-type substation foundations, on-site transmission and transformation lines and circuits.

With a recommended capacity of 49.5MW and feeding 101586.3MWh electricity to the grid every year, this project can save about 35555 ton standard coal every year, which is equivalent to about 49109 ton raw coal, compared with coal-fired power plant of the same scale. Correspondingly, the emission of several hazardous gases and waste gases can be reduced every year, including 91057 ton CO2(greenhouse gas), 884 ton SO2(with 1% sulfur content), 13 ton CO, and 393 ton NOx, as well as 20 ton TSP and 6875 ash discharge. Playing a positive role in environmental protection and atmospheric pollution control, this project complies with the principle of clean production with notable environmental and social benefits.