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Wind power performance

TBEA 100MW-class large on-grid wind-solar complementary station Phase I (50MW+50MWp) in the desert


Project name:China’s largest 100MW on-grid wind-solar complementary demonstration project in the desert

Progress: completed and synchronized for power generation

Time of construction commencement: March 1, 2013

Time of synchronization: 12:18 at noon, December 19, 2013

Location:XiaocaoLake, Turpan, Xinjiang

Project profile: at 12:18 at noon on December 19, 2013, the first unit of the wind power section of an on-grid wind-solar complementary demonstration project in the desert, which is the largest Phase I project inChinaor even in the world, undertaken by TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. was successfully synchronized for power generation atXiaocaoLakein Turpan. Before that, the PV section of that project was also successfully synchronized atXiaocaoLakeat 17:18 on the afternoon of December 18. Located at the southern foot ofMountTianshan, on the northern edge ofTarimBasinand the west ofTurpanBasin, the project is surrounded by mountains on three sides and in the downstream of the “15-kilometer wind zone”. That area boasts abundant wind energy resources and the wind speed is high in spring, low in winter, high at night and low in the daytime.

Meanwhile, that area is categorized as Type II in terms of sunshine duration with ample solar resources and the longest sunshine duration in summer. To rationally utilize energy and resources, the project applies green energy like wind power and solar power, and adopts advanced and feasible measures in the design to save power, water and raw materials. As the guideline of energy conservation and environmental protection is strictly implemented in the design and the requirement for energy conservation is fully considered in the technical scheme, equipment and material selection and architectural structure, the project saves investment and land resources and can adapt to the construction scale of wind-solar complementary station and local grid development over the long term. With all design indicators reaching the advanced level inChina, the power station ensures long-term economic and efficient operation, and complies with the national industrial policy and the sustainable development strategy for its advantages in energy and water conservation and environmental protection.