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Shengtian 49.5MW project of Santanghu wind farm Phase II in Barkol

Project name: Shengtian 49.5MW project of Santanghu wind farm Phase II in Barkol

Progress: completed

Time of construction commencement: August 10, 2013

Location: northeast ofBarkolCounty, Kumul, Xinjiang

Project profile: located in the northeast ofBarkolCounty, Kumul of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Shengtian 49.5MW project of Santanghu wind farm Phase II in Barkol is about16kmfrom Santanghu,208kmfrom Kumul by road and586kmfromUrumqiby road. Located at the elevation of 1065-1140 meters, the wind farm site is an open and flat area with a gradient from south to north. Located in section D of the planned area for wind power development in the Santanghua wind zone in Kumul, this newly built project complies with the industrial plan of the state and Xinjiang and features excellent synchronization conditions. On July 31, 2013, TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. won the bidding for the Shengtian 49.5MW EPC project of Santanghu wind farm Phase II in Barkol, the first wind power EPC project undertaken by the company outside the TBEA system.

Winning the bidding for this project lifts the curtain for the company to participate in the construction of the 10GW-class wind power base in Xinjiang and marks a solid step on its way to actively explore the wind power market. When completed, this wind farm can save a considerable amount of coal and reduce the emission of several hazardous gases and offscum every year compared with coal-fired power station that has taken environmental measures. As a clean energy, wind power is of great importance for alleviating the current energy crisis and environmental pressure. The local grid where this wind farm is located is part of the Xinjiang grid. As Xinjiang’s economy has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years, its power demand has kept increasing and thermal power capacity has taken a larger proportion year by year, which results in the consumption of a huge amount of coal and the emission of CO2, SO2and other pollutants every year.

While this destroys the eco-environment and causes serious pollution, and the transportation of fuel is bound to increase the generation cost of thermal power, the wind farm can not only provide power to the local grid, but also serve as a tourist attraction to promote local tourism. The development of the Shengtian 49.5MW project in Santanghua wind farm Phase II can boost the development of related local industries such as building materials and transport equipment manufacturing, and also notably expand employment and promote the tertiary industry, thus driving the comprehensive economic growth and social progress of the local area. With the successive development of wind farms, wind power will become another major industry, which not only creates a new economic growth point for the local area, but also plays a positive role in driving the local economy and accelerating the building of a moderately prosperous society.