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220kV Geran substation in Tajikistan


Customer name:Tajikistan

Project name: 220kV Geran substation inTajikistan

Time of construction commencement: June 25, 2006

Time of synchronization: June 25, 2008


Project profile: the90km-long 220kV transmission and transformation EPC project fromDushanbeto Geran in Phase I was completed for power transmission on June 25, 2008, half a year ahead of the schedule. It alleviated the power shortage in Kulyab of Tajikistan and significantly improved the living conditions and environment of local people. The 500kV transmission and transformation line completed this time that spans from the south to the north of the country is an artery project of the Tajikistani grid. When completed, it will realize the effective power dispatching between the two cities ofDushanbeand Khudzhand, and thoroughly solve the power shortage during the winter drought period in southernTajikistan. It will also set up the aerial highway and transmission channel forTajikistanto implement its strategy of rejuvenating the country with hydropower.

As an important part of the China-Tajikistan economic and trade cooperation in the 21stcentury, this project features the highest voltage, longest transmission and transformation distance and toughest construction conditions among all projects undertaken by Chinese transmission and transformation enterprises so far. Because of its special significance and importance, the project has received close attention from main leaders of both countries.