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Datka 500kV substation in Kyrgyzstan


Customer name:Kyrgyzstan

Project name: Datka 500kV substation

Time of construction commencement: July 28, 2011

Time of synchronization: January 28, 2013


Project profile: as an important component of the grid project in southernKyrgyzstan, the completion of Datka 500kV substation will form an independent grid in southernKyrgyzstan, significantly improve the transmission and distribution capacity of the local grid, enhance the transmission capability of hydropower stations there and make power supply more reliable and safer. As a result, it will improve the power supply in big cities and the living conditions of local people in southernKyrgyzstan, and promote local economic development and social stability. It will also set up the aerial highway and transmission channel forKyrgyzstanto implement its strategy of rejuvenating the country with hydropower.