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TBEA's MMC valve and Electric Router have passed accreditation

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TBEA (Tebian Electric Apparatus) ProductionTechnical Accreditation

CSEE organised the production technical accreditation for TBEA’s‘±800kV/5000MW Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) Valve’ and ‘Photovoltaic high voltage direct grid connection equipment based on Electric Energy Router’ in Changji, Xinjiang, on July 22, 2017. Academician Licheng Li is the chairman of the accreditation committee and participated the meeting. 

After the site inspection, documentation assessment, presentation debriefing and question explanation, the accreditation committee agreed unanimously that ‘±800kV/5000MW Modular Multilevel Converter Valve’ and ‘Photovoltaic high voltage direct grid connection equipment based on Electric Energy Router’ achieved major technical breakthrough in MMC power transmission area and new energy power generation area, respectively. Their major performance indexes were all reached and ranked in international leading levels.

TBEA ±800kV/5000MW Modular Multilevel Converter Valve On-site Accreditation

‘±800kV/5000MW Modular Multilevel Converter Valve’, which is cooperatively researched and developed by TBEA and Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd, is capable of dealing with DC faultswithun-interrupted operation of Modular Multilevel Converter HVDC system. Its major performance index reaches the international leading level and can be applied to the relevant areas, such as bulk power transmission over long distance using MMC, asynchronous power grid connection, etc.‘±800kV/5000MW Modular Multilevel Converter Valve’ will promote the MMC technology applications in extra-high voltage dc power transmission level and enable the voltage and power ratings of MMCs to be at the same level as LCC. Meanwhile, it provides solid technical backbones for the re-structuring of china’ssmartpower grids andcontributes to the bulk, long distance consumption ofglobal energy interconnection.

TBEA creatively combined Electric Energy Router technology with Photovoltaic power generation grid connection technology and developed the World’s First-ever ‘10kV/1MVA Photovoltaic High Voltage Direct Grid Connection Equipment’. The overall performance reached the international leading level and the main indexes such as the overall conversion efficiency were all located in the international leading levels. This product can replace the traditional grid connection program by using photovoltaic inverter plus frequency boost transformer and will promote the development of photovoltaic high voltage grid connection technology. Furthermore, it will motivate photovoltaic power generation parity grid connection and provide technical support for clean energy grid connection. This technology can be widely popularised in the relevant areas in the future, like charging and discharging energy storage, charging electric vehicles, AC/DC hybrid micro-grids, etc.

As known, the two world-class technologies of TBEA filled the technical blank in energy field,N which will motivate and promote the development of MMC and new energy industry. It will improve upstream industry optimisation & upgrading and provide vicelike technical support for Chinese Smart Grid and Global Energy Interconnection development.