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Datang International 20MW on-grid PV project in Golmud

Customer name:Qinghai Datang International Golmud PV Power Generation Co., Ltd.

Project name:Datang International 20MWp on-grid PV project inGolmud,Qinghai

Time of construction commencement: August 2, 2011

Time of synchronization: January 20, 2012


Project profile:the large on-grid PV station built by TBEA inQinghaiwas successfully synchronized for power generation on January 20, 2012. Thanks to the wisdom and diligence of all employees at the project department, TBEA overcame all kinds of difficulties and set up a new benchmark of PV station in the desert. Completed within two months, the project created a new record of PV integration in the industry and excelled in both quality and speed, indicating a new high and a major breakthrough in the company’s integration capability and proficiency.

The project is located in an area with abundant sunlight, where the total solar radiation is 6500MJ/m-7320MJ/m and the 30-year average solar radiation is 6929.3MJ/m. In the past 30 years, the area, categorized as Type I for its “most abundant solar energy resources”, has a sunshine duration of 2550-3350 hours, averaging 3059.8 hours per year, which is very suitable for building large PV station. This PV station has annual equivalent full-load operation of 1632 hours and feeds 30.94GWh electricity to the grid every year on average.