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CPI 20MW on-grid PV station in Kumul, one of the second group of national concessional demonstration on-grid PV projects

Customer name: CPI Xinjiang Energy Kumul Co., Ltd.

Project name: construction and installation of CPI 20MWP concessional on-grid PV project in Kumul, Xinjiang

Time of construction commencement: April 13, 2011

Time of synchronization: December 8, 2011

Location: Kumul

Project profile:this is the first national concessional demonstration project undertaken by TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. in Xinjiang. Located about20kmin the northeast of Kumul and2kmin the northwest of the S303 provincial highway, the project site boasts convenient transportation for its vicinity to the city proper. Covering a land area of1.395km2, the geographical location of the site center is N43°00′20.79″ and E93°37′43.14″with the elevation of about 1040 meters. Successfully synchronized for power generation on December 8, 2011, this project turns a new chapter in the company history of building large PV station in Xinjiang. As the construction mode that integrates procurement, design, construction and test running is once again successfully applied to large PV station, this project is an important symbol that systematically verifies the company’s strength, competitiveness and technological innovation in the PV industry.