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CPI 20MW on-grid PV station in Hotan, one of the second group of national concessional demonstration on-grid PV projects

Customer name: CPI Xinjiang Energy Hotan Co., Ltd.

Project name: construction and installation of CPI 20MWP concessional on-grid PV project in Hotan, Xinjiang

Time of construction commencement: May 25, 2011

Time of synchronization: May 9, 2012

Location: Hotan

Project profile:as one of the second group of large concessional PV stations for which the National Energy Administration conducted public bidding, the Hotan 20MW on-grid PV project is one of the first on-grid PV demonstration projects in Xinjiang and one of China’s largest on-grid PV stations undertaken by TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. in 2011. With a total investment of RMB300 million and a planned capacity of 20MW, the project was successfully synchronized for power generation on December 16, 2011. It not only strongly improves Xinjiang’s utilization of solar energy, but is also a demonstration and leading project of positive and profound significance for improving the energy structure and accelerating clean energy development in Hotan and even Xinjiang. The project also displays the company’s strength, competitiveness and technological innovation in the PV industry.

The project is able to provide 26110.7MWh electricity to the grid every year, which is equivalent to saving 8372.02 ton standard coal every year compared with thermal power plant of the same output. Correspondingly, the emission of several atmospheric pollutants can be reduced every year, including 21,800 ton CO2, 71.03 ton SO2and 61.83 ton oxides.

The operation of this project will not only effectively boost the development of building materials, equipment manufacturing and other related local industries, but also notably expand employment and promote the tertiary industry, thus driving the comprehensive economic growth and social progress of the local area. With the successive development of PV stations, PV will become another major industry, playing a positive role in creating a new economic growth point for Hotan, driving the local economy, and accelerating the building of a moderately prosperous society.