Solar grade monocrystalline silicon rods

Product description

The solar cell wafers produced products made by sun, ETL, all TUV, UL and other well-known certification, established the industry's only "photovoltaic power generation control and integrated national engineering laboratory", the National 863 project "construction of 100 megawatt photovoltaic system integration technology test station" has been put into operation, the 2GW assembly capacitymore than photovoltaic power station construction and operation.

Technical Advantages

With advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, to provide a "one high"crystal silicon to customers. 8 inch silicon sheets made cell average conversionefficiency can reach above 19.5%; the 156 polysilicon film battery average conversion efficiency reaches more than 18%, among the crystal silicon wafer production industry production efficiency advanced ranks.

Create Value for Our Customers

With independent research and development of the long crystal and ingot cutting technology, makes the high quality, high reliability, high conversion efficiency,solar grade polysilicon film, thin single products continue to enhance the industry technical standards.

technical parameter

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Production method

Czochralski CZ straight pull

Conductivity type


The doping agent

Boron, phosphorus



Crystal orientation deviation


Oxygen content

1.0×1018 atom/cm3

Carbon content

5.0×1016 atom/cm3

Minority carrier lifetime



2000 /cm2