Remote monitoring platform

Product description

 The remote monitoring platform is a PV system management platform, which supports real-time data visualization and storage analysis of history data. The monitoring platform analyze data sent from data acquisition unit, provide the resourceful diagram display and lead user to master the operating condition of power station rapidly. Additionally, it also provides various customize alarm to lead user to find out the positioning failure in the first time. The user can check the system operating status, analyze the acquired data and manage the power station via management portal at any time.

Technical Advantages

l  Friendly HMI and multi-language support.

l  Based on Web remote management.

l  Be of powerful cloud platform support. Besides, support on-line and management for 100.000 systems.

l  Real-time visualization and history data query.

l  Resourceful diagram display.

l  Alarm in user-defined condition.

l  Analyze the power generation efficiency and each performance of PV system.

l  Achieve the hierarchical management in accordance with different characteristics of terminal user, installer/provider and manufacturer.

l  Send report periodically in accordance with user-defined time interval.

l  Login to access remote monitoring platform.


Create Value for Our Customers

 Based on WEB remote management, friendly man-machine interface, multilingual support and real-time data visualization, historical data inquiry and timed sending function are supported; level-to-level administration can be achieved, thus providing reliability for the stable operation of photovoltaic power stations.

technical parameter

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