Cell phone App

Product description

App is a developed intelligent terminal application for user, which can be used for iPhone and Android Smartphone to make user conduct real-time monitoring for PV system simply and quickly. The real-time data and history data both can be simply displayed by diagram. Besides, user can check DD/MM/YY and total data. In the meantime of displaying system power and generated energy, CO2 emission reduction, weather conditions and all kinds of sensor information can be displayed as well.

App also supports remote mode and local mode. In remote mode, user can login through Web monitoring platform account and check all data from platform. In local mode, user can access the Web Server embedded in data acquisition unit and acquire the status information of PV system via WIFI directly without external network.

Technical Advantages

l  Display real-time and history data via network all the time.

l  Data visualization and diagram is clear and easy to understand.

l  Display of DD/MM/YY and total data.

l  Display of CO2 emission reduction, weather conditions and sensor information.

l  Directly acquire system information via WIFI in local mode.


Create Value for Our Customers

With comprehensive data display, WIFI access supported, the operation status of power station can be acquired whenever and wherever possible, and the distributed generation data can be grasped fully in control.

technical parameter

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