TBEA Xinjiang Sunoasis Co., Ltd.-TBEA Xinjiang Sunoasis Co., Ltd.

“Top-runner” bases are mainly planned in areas such as North China and East China. They basically have no large ground station and their main applications include water surface power station, mountain area power station, salt pan power station and agriculture-solar, forestry-soar , etc. The power stations are in various sizes and their power generation mainly relies on the HV power transmission network; affected by the complicated topography, most modules have problems such as inconsistent directions and shading; sometimes may have adverse factors including corrosion by moisture and salt spray.

Technical advantages

1. Centralized solution with high system voltage and big single capacity; high land use rate

2. Multiple MPPTs, applicable to applications in complicated topography

3. Wide MPPT voltage range, significantly prolonging power generation duration of the PV power station

4. Multiple PID effect solutions, effectively reducing loss of energy output

5. High protection combiner box and integrated machine room; reliable water, dust, sand dirt and salt spray resistance

6. Accessible to TBEA PV eCloud platform; successfully fulfill the centralized management and intelligent O&M of the power station

Relevant cases