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VSC-HVDC is a new DC transmission technology based on voltage source converter, controllable shut-off device and pulse width modulation technology; it is able to provide active and reactive power to the system simultaneously, fulfill active and reactive instant decoupling control, able to supply power for passive network and requiring no communication for the converter station, thus improving the stability and power transmission ability of the system.

VSC-HVDC overcomes the defect of traditional HVDC that the receiving end shall be active network as well as thoroughly eliminates the problem of commutation failure; meanwhile, it possesses advantages such as small floor area, easy for expansion and DC power transmission on multiple ends, etc. It effectively solves problems such as multi-point access of power energy, quick failure isolation , rapid load flow conversion, passive network power supply, electricity expansion and so on encountered in traditional power transmission.

Technical advantages

TBEA possesses rich resources and mature VSC-HVDC product development platform aiming at DC distribution network access applications with higher voltage level such as power transmission for offshore drilling platform (±35KV, ±80KV), new energy access, island power supply and so on. It possesses relatively better reliability, more outstanding cost performance and power quality performance when compared with AC power transmission. Hereby the ±200kV, 500MW VSC-HVDC system is taken as an example for solution.

Relevant cases