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Plain wind power projects are mainly concentrated in plain areas such as Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Anhui and so on in China where the general wind speed is relatively low with characteristics of big wind shear in projects. The increase of hub height may have obvious effect on improvement of energy output. They mainly make use of local farm lands, water conservancy lands near riverways and lakes for construction. Their construction periods are relatively short and mainly for local consumption.

Technical advantages

1. Perfect economic evaluation system for different wind turbine hub height; selecting optimum hub height rationally in areas with big shear

2. Flexible selection among various tower forms including soft tower, steel-concrete tower, semi-rigid tower and so on.

3. Application of ultra-low wind speed models, making the exploitable mean wind speed on the height of 80m lowered to below 5m/s

4. Combining LiDAR and mesoscale simulation technology, fulfilling precision assessment on resources in short term, thus shortening the development time