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Affected by the power supply ration in the Three Norths, the development and construction of wind power project in mountain areas in China mainly concentrate in provinces such as Hunan, Hubei, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangxi and Guizhou etc. Compared with mountain area projects in northern China, mountain area projects in southern China have the trends of denser population and plant cover, more complicate topography, lower mean wind speed and severer geological conditions, thus the construction is much more difficult than plain projects.

Technical advantages

1. Professional technical team, fulfilling precision assessment on resources and construction costs for projects in complicated mountain areas, thus reducing the investment risks caused by uncertainty of resources to the lowest extent;

2. High precision topography modeling and 3D simulation technology; quick and precise completion of design works for roads, foundations, civil work of booster stations, etc. of mountain area wind power projects;

3. Small platform hoisting technology, reducing peak clipping and engineering cost to the maximum extent, as well as fulfilling precise prediction on energy loss caused by peak clipping;

4. Various wind turbine foundation forms applicable to different geological conditions are optional which can reduce engineering cost and shorten construction period;