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Contact:风电工程事业部 E-mail:0991-3672592
Wind Power

TBEA Advantages

In the field of wind power, TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. works hard on the microscopic resource analysis and application of wind energy, wind-solar complementarity and integration, and other key technologies. Fully leveraged on TBEA’s advantage in low-cost supply chain and setting its eyes on Xinjiang’s plan to develop 10GW wind power and the national plan to reach the total installed capacity of 100GW wind power, TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. has developed, invested in and built the 100MW national demonstration power station in Turpan, the largest wind-solar complementary power station in China.

Design Innovation

By using Meteodyn WT and comparing several schemes, TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. works with first-class wind turbine generator system (WTGS) manufacturers in China to jointly provide optimal WTGS layout. By combining the traditional design methods of WTGS foundation with the design philosophy of our institute and using the WTGS foundation design software provided by Millennium Software, TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. provides the best WTGS foundation. 

Create Value for Our Customers

Upholding the concept of one-station services, TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. is committed to minimizing the investment risk, construction schedule and construction cost for owners, optimizing their resource allocation, and minimizing their personnel and time input, so as to ensure maximal project profits with advanced technology and superior project management. 

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