Talent Development

Thorough induction training system: Depending on the thorough training system of TBEA TRAINING INSTITUTE and TBEA SUNOASIS TRAINING BRANCH, TBEA shall offer the new employees the thorough and systematic induction training. And TBEA shall equip every new employee with one guide possesses high professional quality and outstanding performance, and this guide is responsible for the core culture transmission, performance coaching and daily caring of the new employees;
Professional position sequence career development channel: TBEA adopts professional career development channel for its eight position sequences. For example: Technical sequence: Professional Technician, Junior Engineer, Engineer, Vice Engineer In Charge, Engineer In Charge, Chief Engineer, Advanced Technical Expert. Marketing sequence: Salesman, Junior Marketing Manager, Advanced Marketing Manager, Senior Marketing Manager. Functional Sequence: Specialist, Second level Supervisor, First Level Supervisor, Advanced Supervisor, Senior Supervisor;
Annual entire positions competition system: The end of every year, all the staffs need to have the work report and compete for the position. The staff can change the position through competition and part of the new employees can be promoted to the middle level position this way.