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Enterprise Recruitment

Enterprise recruitment
According to the requirements for corporate development, TBEA SUNOASIS CO., LTD. has drafted an employment brochure for several positions. Talents from around the world eligible for these positions ar...

Campus Recruitment

School Recruitment
Procedure of school recruitment: resume screening – initial interview – second interview – issuance of offer – signing of employment agreement.Applicants can submit resumes at the job fair or&...

Talent Development

Perfect induction training system: Relying on perfect training systems of TBEA Training Institute and Corporate Training Branch, the company provides comprehensive and systematic induction training system for the new employees. Meanwhile, the company can provide every new employee with a professional, outstanding induction guider who is responsible for the core culture teaching, performance counseling and routine caring for new employees. Specialized position sequence career development paths: The eight position sequences of the company adopt specialized career development paths. For example, technology sequence development path: professional technician, junior engineer, engineer, senior staff engineer, engineer in charge, chief engineer and senior technical...