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Product description

In the 1MW box-type PV inverter station, the grid-connected inverter, DC power distribution cabinet, communication cabinet and AC power distribution cabinet are pre-assembled in a container, thus achieving the grid-connected control, data acquisition and remote transmission of the PV power generation system. Compared with the conventional inverter room of civil engineering type, the product has the advantages of reducing the quantities of on-site foundation construction and difficulties in construction, installation and wiring, facilitating installation and commissioning, and the like. Using the unique sand-proof, shock-proof, waterproof, cold-proof and heat-insulating design, the machine room can work steadily under harsh circumstances.

Technical advantages

The machine room subject to Class IP55 protection can work steadily under extreme conditions.

The MPPT accuracy exceeds 99.9%, which improves the power generation of the system.

The product complies with the requirements of the national grid for zero-voltage ride through (ZVRT).

The product is applicable to high-altitude areas, without derating at an altitude of 3,000m or less.

The product is compatible with multiple grid standards, so it adapts well to various grids.