Auxiliary Power Equipment

Product Series

  The auxiliary products include photovoltaic array combiner box, DC power distribution cabinet, environment monitoring instrument, data acquisition unit, remote monitoring platform and mobile phone APP, which are applicable to desert power stations, large commercial and industrial roof-distributed photovoltaic power generation systems. Among them, the photovoltaic anti-thunder combiner box and DC power distribution cabinet can be used to achieve functions such as power conflux, line protection and data monitoring; the environment monitoring instrument is mainly used to measure horizontal wind parameter and solar radiation energy; the monitoring product can acquire the operational conditions of the power station in 24h without any regional or time limitation, thus enabling users to timely learn of the status information of the power station and guarantee the stable operation of the system.

Technical Advantages

With perfect protection function, diversified functional configuration, powerful monitoring function and excellent structure design, various functions from power conflux, line protection to data monitoring are achieved by TBEA electric auxiliary products, providing powerful guarantee to the reliable operation of photovoltaic power station.